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I’ve spent almost all day to install wordpress plugins into my blog (website). Installing plugins is like equipping our office or business with tools and resources. Tools and resources that help us to run a business more smoother, to get the things done better, or even make our business looks better.

There are tons of wordpress plugins that could help us. There are plugins that help you to customize your blog appearance, plugins that make your blog or website more secure, plugins that help you to get your blog or website more exposure, and lots more…

Here are some plugins that I’ve installed, and I think these plugins could really make our life better and easier:

W3 Total Cache
— it helps to load your page faster

Facebook Social Plugin Widgets
Post to Twitter
— these plugins help you to get more exposure

Login Lockdown
Secure WordPress
WP Security Scan
— these plugins make your blog more secure and protected

WP-DB Manager
— it helps you to manage your blog’s database, backup your data

These are just some of it I’ve installed into my blog, there are more than 20,000 plugins. I’m sure you’ll find more plugin that will help you to solve some problems or make your life easier…

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